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Every child dreams about what profession they want to be when they grow up. When I was five years old I told my parents I was to be a dermatologist and that was that. My parents of course respected this very reasonable professional dream coming from their five year old, but also knew deep down that my absolutely incessant singing and acting were my two truest passions. They subsequently took me to my first broadway show: Beauty and The Beast. The curtain rose and I abandoned my so-called dream, and traded it  to follow in footsteps of my aunt, Kerry Butler. 


What I came to find in the years that I studied musical theatre was that the art form had so much more to offer than high belting or flashy dance numbers. It soon became a vehicle for me to unite theatre goers who didn’t expect to walk away with a deeper understanding of empathy, sensitivity, and the world around them. This is my passion. This is my mission. 


I devoted my life to the art form. I graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in musical theatre. I made the leap into the big apple. I continue to strive every day for a firmer understanding of the craft. Sure, being a dermatologist could’ve helped some along the way but being a part of the theatre has shaped me as a person in a way I’m not sure dermatology ever could. 

Over the Covid-19 pandemic, I have developed Plum Tree Projects. As a life long sewer and quilter I decided to open an Etsy shop. New baby quilts are available regularly!

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